New Social Security Timing™ Software From Senior Market Sales

  • Originally published March 31, 2011 , last updated December 31, 2015
  • Social Security
New Social Security Timing™ Software From Senior Market Sales

Senior Market Sales has launched new patent-pending software that allows advisors to help their married clients pinpoint the exact Social Security strategy that will maximize their lifetime benefits and make Social Security the foundation of their retirement income plan.

Learn how Social Security Timing™ can help you serve your clients better, get more referrals and brand yourself as an income planning specialist.

The Problem: Break-even Calculators Are Broken

Most people think you can do a simple break-even analysis, using one of many free break-even calculators available, to determine whether to elect Social Security early or wait. However, simple break-even calculators don’t work for married couples.

Not only do break-even calculators ignore the spousal and survival benefits available to married couples, they also fail to account for creative election strategies that can regularly add tens of thousands of dollars directly to your client's bottom line.

In short, there has never been a tool that could offer a thorough analysis to let married couples know when to elect their Social Security benefit and leverage creative election strategies — until now.

The Solution: Social Security Timing™

Social Security Timing™ doesn’t treat married couples as individuals, ignoring spousal benefits and the spouse’s election age. In fact, it is the only tool in existence (patent-pending) that can look at the entire Social Security picture — all 81 election age combinations, nine creative election strategies — and identify the strategy that will offer the greatest benefit over that couple’s lifetime.

Joe Elsasser, CFP®, the software’s creator, and select advisors around the country have been testing Social Security Timing™ software with their clients for over a year.