New Travel Insurance Center Carrier Features Great Premiums

  • Originally published May 10, 2016 , last updated February 26, 2020
New Travel Insurance Center Carrier Features Great Premiums

Travel Insurance Center has added a new carrier with premiums that your clients will appreciate — AXA Assistance USA.

While most plans charge an additional per-day premium after 30 days, AXA Assistance USA plans’ maximum trip length is 60 days, meaning they don’t charge a per-day fee after the usual 30 days. So, with AXA, the premium for a trip lasting one week would be the same as the premium for a trip lasting 60 days.

Let’s compare an AXA plan with another carrier for a 65-year-old taking a trip with a cost of $2,500. If the trip were 30 days, the AXA premium would be $161, while another carrier would charge $194. Bump that trip length up to 60 days, and the other carrier’s premium jumps to $434 — but AXA’s premium remains at $161.

AXA’s Gold plan features $100,000 in primary medical insurance coverage, with no deductible. Its Cancel For Any Reason option is available for only a 25% premium increase, compared to other companies’ 50% increase for this option.

AXA Assistance USA plans can be a great option for your clients who are traveling. If you have any questions on the plan, give Dan Drennen a call at 1-866-979-6753.

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