New Travel Insurance Tool Makes Referring Clients Even Easier

By Dan Drennen, Director, Travel

  • Originally published February 3, 2016
New Travel Insurance Tool Makes Referring Clients Even Easier

We understand that travel insurance is probably not your primary business, but that doesn’t make it any less important to your clients who travel. Now you can help make sure they get the coverage they need with Travel Insurance Center’s new tool that makes it even easier for your clients to get an expert’s customized recommendation for travel insurance.

You simply add your Travel Insurance Center affiliate ID to the end of this link: — and add it to your website or email your custom link to customers. Remember, it’s important that you include your affiliate ID at the end of the URL string, so we know that the referral is from you. When your customers submit their trip information to us, we search through more than 20 plans and 100 policies to find them the plan that does what they need it to do for the best price. If your customers purchase a policy, we code that sale to your affiliate ID, and you get paid!

For example, see how I added my personal ID —
?affiliateid=sms_ddrennen — to the end of the link here:

After a customer fills in his or her trip information, here’s what we get:

Quote Information:
Traveler Ages: 66, 65
# of Travelers: 2
Trip Cost: 3996 Total trip cost
Booking Date: 01/29/2016
Payments Left: Yes
Depart: 04/19/2016
Return: 04/29/2016
Country to Travel: MX
Resident Country: US
Resident State: CA
Trip Can: Yes
Citizen of: US
Affiliate ID: sms_ddrennen

Then our travel insurance experts go to work for you!

In this case, the best-priced plan for Trip Cancellation coverage for these two travelers is the RoamRight Essential plan at $202 total (includes coverage for both of them) and that is what we recommended to this client.

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