Postseason Game Plan excerpt

  • Originally published October 6, 2014 , last updated May 31, 2017

With each presentation you make this Medicare Season, take a few minutes to reflect after each appointment, just after the client leaves your office or when you get into your care when you leave their house. Use this time to think about who you just met with. We’re not talking about taking an hour after each appointment; we’re talking about taking less than one minute to think through and see if you can answer one or more of the following about the client you just met with:

Are they 65 years or older? If so, the chances are that they have planned for a funeral in the past and are a great candidate to need final expense coverage.

Do they have kids and grandkids? People with a family don’t want to be a burden on their survivors.

Do they seem like people who like to plan ahead? People who plan ahead like to plan ahead for everything. There’s nothing more guaranteed than dying so they need a plan!

Are they a person who wants to be remembered long after they’re gone? I think this is true of just about everyone!

In most cases, you’ll be able to check each of these boxes for your clients, but if you check just one of these boxes, then write down their name, address, phone number and other important information as your sitting in your care before you leave their house. That’s all you need to do during the regular season! Don’t worry about following up with them on their final expense during the Regular Season. This will keep you focused on serving as many people with their Medicare plans.

This excerpt is from the free book Postseason Game Plan. The book has an entire section for you to record your client information. If you haven’t requested your free copy yet, call 1-877-888-0166.