Primary Medical Coverage Travel Insurance for Your Ski Trip

By Dan Drennen, Director, Travel

  • Originally published December 9, 2011 , last updated April 28, 2016
Primary Medical Coverage Travel Insurance for Your Ski Trip

You and your friends are planning a ski trip — sounds like fun to me! You have domestic health care coverage through your employer, giving you a certain level of comfort knowing that if you should become injured while skiing your medical expenses will be covered. That’s great, but how much are your deductibles, co-pays and possible out-of-network costs? What if you’re the one in the group that gets the ski patrol sleigh ride down the mountain? What if your bills add up to $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or even $3,000? What percentage of the bills will you be responsible for?

Easily avoid out-of-pocket expenses by purchasing a Primary Coverage / No Deductible travel insurance plan. Primary Coverage simply means this insurance will pay before your employer coverage.
Travelex TRAVEL MAX — $100,000 Medical Coverage / $1M Medical Evacuation

Enter $0.00 trip cost into the Quote Calculator to receive great prices for Primary Coverage / No Deductible for your Ski Trip.

Ages Premium
0 – 34 = $44
35 – 59 = $53
60 – 69 = $71
70 – 79 = $91
80 + = $223

(Premiums listed are for trips up to 30 days in length)