Recession-Proof White Paper Press Release

  • Originally published May 14, 2009 , last updated December 30, 2015

When asked to identify the No. 1 most challenging aspect of selling insurance, 67% of agents responding to Agent Media’s 2008 Brokerage Study said prospecting for new business.

With its latest white paper, “Recession-Proof Your Business: An Agent’s Guide to Marketing During the Downturn,” Senior Market Sales explores some of the reasons why so many insurance agents struggle with new client acquisition and attempts to offer some practical strategies and systems to help agents overcome these challenges.

“Marketing and prospecting for new clients is a challenge, whether you’re in a recession or not,” said Sam Halpern, director of Internet marketing for Senior Market Sales. “What we focus on in this report is offering agents ideas for how they can market smarter and more efficiently on a budget, and actually emerge from this recession stronger than they entered it.”

“Recession-Proof Your Business” identifies five main areas most insurance agents could improve their marketing efforts and offers actionable steps they can implement for little or no cost.

  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Choosing the Right Marketing Tactics
  • Establishing an Online Presence
  • Reaching the Right Prospects
  • Optimizing Leads

“The thing that we preach in all of these areas is to have a systematic approach,” Halpern said. “Don’t just wing it and then wonder why you did or didn’t get results. ‘Recession-Proof Your Business’ shows agents how to develop a plan and a system that will allow them to measure their results and improve over time.”

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