SMS' VP of Medicare Solutions Shares Talking Points at National Conference

  • Originally published April 14, 2015 , last updated December 19, 2017

Dwane McFerrin, SMS’ vice president of Medicare Solutions and chair of the NAHU Medicare Advisory Group, addressed the main assembly at this year’s Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C. Dwane shared talking points that were used by NAHU members in making Capitol Hill visits during the week.

  1. Reinstate the open enrollment period to allow a senior to change what might be a bad decision. Also, separate the annual election period for Medicare from the open enrollment period for the exchange plans.
  2. Consider COBRA creditable coverage for those retiring as is allowed for those changing jobs. 
  3. Do not allow Observation Status coding by hospitals to deny seniors from receiving covered rehabilitation care in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Essentially, waive the three-day hospital stay requirement. 
  4. Protect first dollar coverage for Med Supp policyowners. Many seniors find it easier to budget a premium than a claim since they live on a fixed income.
  5. Do not cut reimbursement rates for Medicare Advantage plans. This is a very popular choice for seniors with over 17 million choosing that option over Medicare parts A and B.

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