Social Security School Launches to Help You Meet Growing Consumer Demand

  • Originally published February 12, 2014 , last updated March 16, 2018
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Social Security School Launches to Help You Meet Growing Consumer Demand

All You Need to Know About Social Security in Retirement Planning

Social Security Timing® is launching an extensive series of webinars and live events throughout 2014 that will train financial and insurance professionals on how to help clients maximize their Social Security benefits as part of their overall retirement plans.

Called “Social Security School,” the series of 10 webinars and four live road shows springs from the swelling demand from the baby boomer generation for deeper Social Security information and advice.

“Uneducated decisions about when and how to claim Social Security can cost a person tens of thousands of dollars in income,” said Joe Elsasser, creator of Social Security Timing®, an online software application that helps advisors determine the best Social Security claiming decisions for clients. “Financial advisors owe it to their clients to educate themselves about Social Security, but they also owe it to their own practices – Social Security knowledge is an added value that differentiates you from competitors.”

Social Security Timing® designed the training for financial and insurance professionals both new to and advanced in Social Security planning and to accommodate learning preferences and busy schedules. Advisors can either participate in the series of webinars – roughly one a month, spanning 10 months – in the convenience of their office, or they can attend one of the live events, a one-day Social Security “crash course,” offered in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Phoenix.

“As a practicing Certified Financial Planner™, I understand advisors’ packed schedules and desire for real-world knowledge that they can use immediately with clients,” Elsasser said. “Both the webinars and the live events will provide not only academic Social Security knowledge but also practical examples of how to incorporate Social Security into retirement planning.”

The first webinar, “Why Weak Social Security Knowledge Will Cost You Clients,” kicks off the webinar series on Feb. 19th. Subsequent webinar topics include the top mistakes to avoid with spousal and survivor benefits, maximizing gains and minimizing losses for widow clients, how continuing to work affects benefits, and helping parents unlock the child’s benefit. There is no cost to participate in the webinars.

After the live event in Atlanta in June, the Social Security School road show hits Chicago in July, Denver in September and Phoenix in October. Dates and other details will be announced later.

For a full list of webinar topics and for more information on the live events, visit the Social Security School website.