Two Easy Cross-Sale Scenarios

  • Originally published November 17, 2015 , last updated November 30, 2016
Two Easy Cross-Sale Scenarios

The AEP Open Enrollment provide excellent opportunities to cross-sell products to clients. Many clients don't think about how much out-of-pocket expenses can add up with their health insurance. Here are two sales ideas to help cover your clients' coverage gaps. 

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity plans are designed to protect your clients' savings. These policies protect their assets by stepping in to offset the costs of deductibles, co-pays, and additional expenses incurred but not covered by other insurance plans. Benefits are typically paid directly to the policyholder unless they are assigned to a medical provider. These benefits are paid in addition to any other health coverage.

Dental, Vision and Hearing

Your client’s teeth, eyesight and hearing are a big part of their quality of life, and problems can be painful, inconvenient and expensive. dental, vision and hearing insurance is an affordable way to help pay for these expenses. Issue ages are typically 18 to 89, so it’s a great add-on policy to an existing major medical or Medicare Supplement policy. And many carriers offer it guaranteed issue!

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