Travel Insurance Questions Following Paris Attacks

  • Originally published November 17, 2015 , last updated December 29, 2015
Travel Insurance Questions Following Paris Attacks

The Nov. 13 attacks in Paris have prompted many questions to our call center regarding travel insurance coverage for terrorism. Here, we answer some of those questions. If you or your clients need clarification to these answers or have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Travel Insurance Center at or 1-866-979-6753.

If I already have paid for an upcoming trip to Paris but haven’t bought travel insurance with cancellation coverage, can I still purchase a policy covering travel cancellation due to terrorism in case I decide not to go?
It is too late to purchase a policy that would have cancellation coverage for terrorism for the recent event. Anyone purchasing travel insurance on or after Nov. 13 would not have trip cancellation coverage under the policy’s terrorism benefit. Travel insurance provides coverage for unforeseen events. Once a terrorist event has occurred, travel insurance will no longer provide a trip cancellation benefit for policies purchased after the event. If you plan another trip, you can certainly buy trip cancellation coverage that would cover acts of terrorism.

What if I’m afraid to travel to Paris?
Travel insurance does not provide coverage for being afraid to travel. However, if you just booked your trip within the last couple of weeks and haven’t purchased travel insurance, you may qualify for the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade option.

Cancel For Any Reason requires that you insure the full prepaid nonrefundable cost of the trip, do so within 14 to 30 days (depending on the plan) of the first trip payment or deposit, and if you do cancel for a reason not covered by the standard policy, then the Cancel For Any Reason option would reimburse back to you 75% of your insured trip cost.

Do the Paris attacks meet the definition of terrorism in travel insurance?
Yes. The U.S. Department of State has named the Paris attacks an act of terrorism. Therefore, coverage may be provided by a travel insurance plan that includes an act of terrorism within the trip cancellation covered reasons found in the specific policy.  

Here are some examples of policy language regarding trip cancellation benefits due to an act of terrorism:

  • Travelex Travel Select and Travel Max  
    A terrorist Act which occurs in your departure city or in a city which is a scheduled destination for your Covered Trip provided the Terrorist Act occurs within 30 days of the Scheduled Departure Date for your Covered Trip or during your Covered Trip.
  • Group Lite, Group Deluxe, Student Group Basic and Deluxe
    A terrorist Incident that occurs within 30 days of Your Scheduled Departure Date in a city listed on the itinerary of Your Trip. This same city must not have experienced a Terrorist Incident within the 90 days prior to the Terrorist Incident that is causing Your cancellation of Your Trip. Benefits are not provided if the Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary.
  • RoamRight Essential and Preferred
    If within 30 days of Your departure, a politically motivated Terrorist Attack occurs within the territorial limits of a City listed on Your itinerary. The Terrorist Attack must occur after the Effective Date of Your Trip Cancellation coverage.

Will my current travel insurance cover me for trip cancellation for my trip to Paris?
Maybe. If the policy purchased included terrorism coverage and you meet the policy criteria for cancellation due to a terrorist event. As shown in the examples above, it will come down to your departure date and being able to show hotel, transportation or tour bookings in Paris. Those who are traveling to other regions of France would not be covered.