Underwriting Uncovered: The Lost Art of the Cover Letter

  • Originally published January 6, 2014 , last updated January 11, 2016
Underwriting Uncovered: The Lost Art of the Cover Letter

We live in such a fast-paced, competitive world that sometimes the modern-day insurance salesman is solely focused on making the sale.

While you may know all of the nuts and bolts on how a specific sale was made when submitting new life insurance applications, keep in mind that the carriers do not. They truly have only one shot to get everything right for your client as well as for themselves.

Take the time whenever possible to include a short cover letter that explains:

  • how the sale was made
  • what the purpose of the sale is
  • any favorable facts about the client that the underwriter might see as “positives”

If your clients goes to a physician regularly, is diligent in follow-up appointments, complies with prescription medication use, has a healthy lifestyle with diet and regular exercise, and is active in the community – all of these things are excellent reasons to take the time to put together a short cover letter on behalf of your client. Pointing them out to the insurance carriers could ultimately help your client – and you.

Watch this quick video on how you can use a cover letter to create more successful cases.

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