UnitedHealthcare's Authorized to Offer (A2O) Program

  • Originally published March 4, 2011 , last updated October 22, 2015
  • UnitedHealthcare

Make sure you're still authorized to offer AARP-branded Medicare Supplement products.

Update: Now you can check your A2O status at www.UnitedHealthProducers.com.

The Authorized to Offer (A2O) program recognizes agents who have met and continue to meet all certification requirements and demonstrate competency in representing AARP Medicare Supplement insurance plans.

A20 rewards agents who sell Med Supps under the AARP brand name by proving marketing materials that help differentiate you from other agents. A20 is split into two levels.

Level 1: Includes quality production minimums in order to be able to offer AARP Medicare Supplement insurance. Agents are required to submit a minimum of 5 paid AARP Med Supp apps from 1/1/2010 – 3/31/2011. The measurement date will be on 4/15/2011. Agents who have not submitted at least five paid applications will not be authorized to offer AARP Med Supp for a minimum of 120 days.

Agents who have met the minimum requirements will have access to marketing materials, including enrollment kits, product brochures/flyers, lead generation pieces, sales presentations, etc.

Level 2: This is an elevated tier for agents who submit a minimum of 20 paid AARP Med Supp apps from 1/1/2010 – 3/31/2011 and have certified in all three AARP branded products (Med Supp, MA and PDP).

Agents who achieve level 2 status will receive access to additional marketing materials, including a letter of introduction and brochure, business cards, office signage, etc.

Going forward, the annual measurement period will be 4/1 – 3/31.

If you have additional questions about A2O, download the A2O Frequently Asked Questions Log.

Or call Senior Market Sales at 1-877-888-9996.