Using Processes and Tools to Enhance Your Business

By Bill Kauffman, Vice President, Financial Solutions

  • Originally published April 2, 2018 , last updated February 26, 2020
  • LTC, Life insurance, Annuity, Income ArchiTech
Using Processes and Tools to Enhance Your Business

When talking with a new or prospective client, what is your process? Do you and the client meet multiple times to review, design and discuss their specific needs? Or do you use pointed questionnaires or fact-finding tools to quickly identify the client’s needs so that you can spend more time considering the array of possible solutions?

There certainly is a case to be made for both approaches. Maybe the streamlined approach to information gathering identifies that the client needs an annuity, a life insurance policy, a long-term care solution or some combination of all three. By being more efficient in the fact finding process, you can quickly become solution-minded, move to the close of the sale much faster, and save the client valuable time.

But, how can you be sure that you gathered all the relevant facts before arriving at your recommendation? Did you incorporate Medicare, Social Security and other important considerations into the client’s plan? Did you anticipate unexpected life events? It helps to have supporting documentation to use for your presentation and ultimately for your files.

What if there were a way to provide this big-picture clarity while also demonstrating the need for the solutions you have to offer? There is. It’s called Income ArchiTechTM  and it’s available exclusively to SMS agents and advisors. You can use it to enhance your business by designing better retirement plans and building client relationships for life.

But you cannot properly use a tool without the right mentality. The key is to focus on a process — a repeatable one that gathers all of the client's important data, enters that data to determine the base plan, and tests the results through stress tests. This can help you focus on the process, re-frame a conversation entirely around a client’s retirement needs, and better position the solutions you recommend.

Income ArchiTech requires a fraction of the time that other tools may ask of advisors. Our proprietary technology lets you cut down the data entry time, because we know it shouldn’t take days to prepare for a single meeting.

In today’s regulatory environment, advisors understand their responsibility to their clients, and focus on addressing their needs and solving problems. By using stress tests and applying your advice in real time, Income ArchiTech can demonstrate how your advice addresses your client’s retirement needs.

Building client relationships for life requires much more than one successful transaction. It’s a journey, where your financial expertise can guide them through several life events. This tool can help improve your process, demonstrate your advice, and document your recommendations.

There are several ways to learn more about Income ArchiTech, and how it crystalizes your clients’ retirement needs. You can watch a demonstration of it in action. You can call 1-877-888-0097 to arrange a detailed conversation. Or take the time to read the latest whitepaper from SMS — The Journey: Showing Clients the Way, Not Just Results.

Any one of those steps puts you on the path to an improved business process, one that can let you demonstrate how your advice helps clients for life.