Web Sites for Agents

  • Originally published August 4, 2010 , last updated April 10, 2018

It’s not even an option anymore; consumers today expect legitimate, established businesses to have a web site. That doesn't mean you're not a legitimate business if you don't have one. It just means some consumers might perceive you that way.

Is launching a Web site going to bring you an endless stream of prospects overnight? Of course not. But that does not change the fact that web sites are an essential marketing and prospecting tool — even for insurance agents who operate out of their home.  

Consider this very plausible scenario: a client you sold an annuity to last year mentions your name to a friend who is preparing to retire. Before inviting you into their home, today's consumer, and this includes Boomers and seniors, is very likely to look you up on Google just to get a sense for who you are.  

Now the lack of a web site may not be a deal breaker. You were referred by a friend, so they're pretty sure you're legitimate. But the ability for that client to read about you and what you offer would have been an excellent way to reinforce your image as a professional and instill confidence in a potential client that you have the knowledge and products to help them.

It can actually make your appointments go much smoother too. Your web site can make a positive first impression and do some of the selling for you, before you ever walk in the door.  

Think of a Web site as your online brochure, which allows your business to be in front of anyone, anywhere at any time. This has become more importance with the advent of online quoting and telephonic and internet enrollment options because your insurance practice is no longer limited to serving only people who are within driving distance. A Web site could be your key to tapping brand new markets.

But maybe you already knew all of this. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a Web site for some time, but you didn’t think want to spend the time or the money to get it launched. Well, that’s no longer an excuse.

Every agent who contracts with SMS has access to a Starter Web site for only $75 a year. We'll set it up for you; you just have to tell us what you want. Or you can get our Standard Web Site Plan, which gives you access to content management tools that allow to easily update your Web site at any time. The Standard Plan takes only a one-time $250 set-up fee and $25 a month for maintenance. 

These are great, affordable web site options for agents who want to take their business online, but never thought they had the time or money to devote to it. Call 1.800.786.5566 for help establishing your business online.