What Alarms Americans Most About LTC?

  • Originally published April 26, 2010 , last updated April 26, 2017

Genworth teamed up with Age Wave on a survey that asked Americans what concerned them most about having a long-term care illness. Results showed that 55 percent of people said that being a burden on their family would be their greatest worry, in the event they could no longer care for themselves. Coming in second, 24 percent fear of ending up in a nursing home, 12 percent were most worried about depleting savings and surprisingly, death was the least concern coming in at 10 percent.

Genworth and Age Wave found that many people entering this stage of their life are scared and won't talk to their family or financial advisors about planning for their ownretirement and future healthcare needs.

Genworth has identified three key topics that could help get the conversation started, to get people thinking about their future. They are:

  • Identify preferred option/costs of care (in-home care vs. nursing home, etc.)
  • Define roles and responsibilitiies of family members who might oversee that care
  • Discuss possible sources of funding of care

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