What Are You Looking for in a Medicare Supplement Company?

  • Originally published December 23, 2011 , last updated January 12, 2016
What Are You Looking for in a Medicare Supplement Company?

What do you look for in a Medicare Supplement company? Chances are, if you are like most agents, you start with premium. That certainly is a good start, but being wise about what sets one company apart from another will help you sell the company to your clients. So, what else are you and your clients looking for in a Medicare Supplement company?

Senior Market Sales works with more than a dozen Med Supp carriers. Many have important features beyond premium that you should be aware of. We have ...

… One carrier that took rate decreases in several states and is still paying full commission on Guarantee Issue Business, full commission on over-80 clients with lifetime renewals and will be issued if your COPD clients are not on oxygen. If you are interested in this A-rated Carrier, call 1-877-888-9996.

… Another carrier that will not be taking rate increases in 5 states, with an average rate increase less than 5% in most and have delayed the January increases in many states until April. A company that will let most in the front door of underwriting, endorsed by a name that just about everybody knows and writes more Medicare Supplement than anybody else in the U.S. A+ and ready for your contract just call 1-877-888-9996.

… A different carrier that offers a no-paper app and has a telephonic app submission process that beats an electronic app. This carrier offer great Plan N and high-deductible F rates and is supported by one of the largest companies in the United States. If you are interested, call 1-877-888-9996.

… Another carrier that has a 12-month guaranteed rate, not just the first year, but every year. This company features a no-wait approach to underwriting, yes you will know if it will be issued at point-of-sale! Good Metro Plan F and Plan N is great everywhere, daily commission paid. Call 1-877-888-9996.

… A carrier that pays lifetime renewals. This company’s Plan G can’t be beat and can save your client as much as $400 over the Plan F rate. This is the company that everybody is talking about, with an A- rating, dedicated Medicare Supplement staff, good rate history and expected lower increases in 2012. Look at age 70 to compare and call 1-877-888-9996.

… One carrier that offers you the opportunity to make more money per stop than any other carrier. This is the company you need to know the name because cross-selling is the game. It offers excellent commissions, submit app without signature, phone underwriting up to 80 years, and some of the lowest rates on the planet. Call 1-877-888-9996.

… And another carrier that wants you to save fax ink, contract online, write business online and be happy. No cut in commission for guaranteed-issue business. This is an easy company to work with, owned by one of the largest insurance corporations nationwide with both Medicare Supplement & Advantage plans. Call 1-877-888-9996.

Call 1-877-888-9996 and one of our Medicare Supplement marketers will help you find the most competitive product in your state with the features you and your clients are looking for.