What Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Can Teach Us About Momentum and the Medicare Postseason

  • Originally published March 3, 2014 , last updated November 10, 2014

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

If you were a professional football player in the bye week before the biggest game of your life, would you jet off to Cabo with your girlfriend?

That’s what Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo did in 2007 with then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson. It’s now one of the NFL’s most infamous bye-week blunders — after a 13-3 season, his team lost to the New York Giants, and the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl.

If you’re wondering how a famous jock and his former fling relate to you, read “Postseason Game Plan: A Guide to Successfully Advancing Through the Medicare Season and Into the Postseason to Become a Senior Market Champion!” The AEP is an extremely busy time, and, once it’s over, many agents tend to slow down for a couple months and catch their breath. Author Bryan W. Adams uses the Romo story and other postseason analogies to illustrate to Medicare agents the importance of approaching the postseason with a sense of urgency.

“There are a ton of examples of ‘hot’ teams that had a bye week going into the Postseason and then got beat by an inferior opponent in the playoffs because they got out of their routine and rhythm,” writes Adams, founder of Legacy Safeguard, LLC, a company dedicated to helping members leave a lasting legacy. “Don’t let this happen to you after the Regular Season ends. Sure, catch your breath, but get right back to work. Use the marketing strategies we outline in this book to propel you to the next level.”

"Postseason Game Plan" shows in detail how Medicare agents can use the Legacy Safeguard marketing system to market final expense insurance to existing clients and to reach new clients. Considered one of the nation’s leading experts on final expense planning, Adams stresses that insurance agents who help clients with only their Medicare plans are missing opportunities to truly help these seniors.
“Final expense planning is one of the overlooked pieces of the financial planning puzzle and one that seniors need help with understanding and planning for,” he writes.

And Medicare agents are perfectly positioned to help them. According to research from the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA), 78 percent of life insurance shoppers with previous relationships with their agent bought life insurance when their agent presented it to them.

“Postseason Game Plan” shows you how to provide the Legacy Safeguard service and thank your clients for working with you on their Medicare planning needs.

To get a free copy of “Postseason Game Plan,” click here.

"Whatever you do, don't over extend your 'bye week' and let too much time go by once the regular season is over."