When Travel Insurance Hits Home

By Dan Drennen, Director, Travel

  • Originally published October 22, 2014 , last updated December 30, 2015
When Travel Insurance Hits Home

I got a call last Friday from my older brother. He said, "I just now booked our Mexico trip. It's in February so I'm calling to get the travel insurance."

Not an unusual request, except that this time his wife has been undergoing a series of chemotherapy treatments. Her doctor has said that they should go ahead and book this trip. So my brother, his wife and four other couples plan to trade in Iowa's winter tundra for an 85-degree Mexico beach in February. It's nice. I've been on similar trips with them before.

Now back to the chemotherapy question. We've all been around long enough to know that there isn't any way that anyone can predict how chemo sessions will go. My brother said to me, "We may not get to go, it may be the last time we go, or it might be the first of the next 10 times we go."

The next day their traveling companions called in and purchased travel insurance as well. I'm hoping they don't file a claim.

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