Why SMS & SilverScript for this year's AEP?

  • Originally published August 11, 2016 , last updated August 26, 2016
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Why SMS & SilverScript for this year's AEP?

Each year as AEP approaches, you face the decision of what PDP plan to offer your clients. This year, why not go with the No. 1 PDP plan sponsor* that has offered $0 deductible plans across all tiers two years in a row?

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And if that’s not reason enough, here’s more:

SMS and SilverScript are getting rid of the hassles of writing Medicare Part D.

  • Online certification is easier than ever before. It takes only 30 minutes to get certified for the SilverScript Product and Process Course and free training is offered online.
  • Say goodbye to the difficult enrollment process. Our online scope of appointment form and online and email enrollment tools make the sale easier than ever. Plus, you’ll see the status of each policy within two days.
  • Part D comp has gone up! SilverScript is paying the maximum allowable comp for 2017. You can’t afford NOT to have this in your portfolio.
  • SilverScript offers a Drug Pricing Tool to help you quickly see how a client’s drugs are priced under SilverScript’s formulary. SMS also has a Drug Lookup tool at PartDforAgents.com that will show estimated drug costs for all our MA-PD and PDP plans.
  • Partner with a CVS Pharmacy in your community when you participate in the SilverScript Retail Program. There is no fee and only a three-hour weekly commitment during AEP.
  • Have an issue? Have a question? Just pick up the phone and call SMS. We have a great relationship with SilverScript. We’ll solve any issues you have. One of the biggest reasons agents work with SMS is our support. It’s second to none.

In addition, SilverScript is backed by its parent company, CVS, a Fortune 10 company. Prescription drugs are covered at over 9,600 CVS pharmacies. But these prescription drugs are not only covered at CVS. In total, there are 64,000 pharmacies available.

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*CMS, Monthly Enrollment by Plan report, March 2016.