Why Using Legacy Safeguard Will Help You Increase Your Sales

  • Originally published December 15, 2014 , last updated January 6, 2016
Why Using Legacy Safeguard Will Help You Increase Your Sales

 As an agent, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Legacy Safeguard offers tools for you to be successful in offering final expense. 

  • This is an exclusive marketing system — It is a proven turnkey sales and marketing system that will help you set more appointments, make more presentations and close more sales.
  • Legacy Safeguard — is a value-added benefit you can offer your client at no cost to your client. (Contact our office for more details)
  • Leaving a lasting legacy — We all want to be long remembered after we are gone. Legacy Safeguard will allow you to show your clients how they can leave a lasting legacy to their loved ones at no cost to them.
  • As an agent — This will help you get away from talking about burial and final expense insurance and begin talking to your client about legacy planning.
  • Pre-Approach Letters — We have created pre-approach letters you can send to your clients offering a free Legacy Safeguard membership and then you can transition right into a final expense presentation. (Contact our office for more details)
  • Referrals — We have a referral system that is proven to work and can increase your income and cut down your marketing cost all at the same time. (Contact our office for more details)

Give yourself a raise this year — offer your clients final expense!