Why Your Clients Need Travel Insurance

  • Originally published September 25, 2012 , last updated December 30, 2015
Why Your Clients Need Travel Insurance

Traveling can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be expensive when the unexpected occurs far from home such as sickness or injury, travel delay, baggage loss, or worse. Such is the case of Anna Leibenko, a former Argos cheerleader who fell off a catamaran while vacationing in Croatia and is now in a medically induced coma. With medical bills mounting, her friends and family can’t afford to cover the costs, which could have been avoided if she had purchased travel insurance.

When selling travel insurance many agents find there is always objection before their clients fully understand the benefits travel insurance provides. CSA Travel Protection recently published an article on how to overcome the five reasons vacationers believe they don’t need travel insurance.

Using strong data points is the first step in helping clients better understand the value of travel protection, but learning proven techniques and personalized responses will help you close the sale over and over again.

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