Using Lead Advantage Saves Valuable Time During AEP
Using Lead Advantage® Saves Valuable Time During AEP
If you're not using Lead Advantage, you're likely losing valuable time. This all-in-one sales management tool lets you run quotes on multiple products and carriers, download marketing materials and carrier forms, and get your scope-of-appointment forms done electronically in just three minutes. You can take a technology tour to learn more about the advantages SMS provides.
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Webinar: Learn to Provide Tax Clarity
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Webinar: Learn How to Provide Tax Clarity
Help clients address a tax problem that they may not even know they have. You can grow your annuity business by demonstrating the problem created by harvesting sources of retirement income in the wrong order or at the wrong time. During this webinar you will learn how you can provide better clarity to clients on their effective marginal tax rate and position annuities as a solution.
Save Time With e-Ticket for Term Life
You can submit term life cases online in less than 10 minutes. No more filling out long forms and medical questionnaires with your clients. Your client answers a few basic questions, and the carrier takes it from there. Even better, e-Ticket works for multiple carriers so you don't have to learn to use multiple systems.
Save Time With e-Ticket for Term Life
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Connect the Dots to Protect Retirement Income
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Connect the Dots to Protect Retirement Income
Long-term Care National Sales Director Skip Liddell makes the case that anticipating and preparing for long-term care (LTC) expenses are part of an advisor's responsibility. Liddell outlines the advantages provided by both traditional and hybrid long-term care coverage and provides ways to initiate this conversation with clients to help them connect the dots.
SMS Turns 35
Senior Market Sales, Inc. is proud to have been providing service and solutions to independent agents and advisors for 35 years. At our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, we recently celebrated our 35th birthday with cake and a prize raffle for our employees. We look forward to serving agents and advisors for another 35 years and beyond.
SMS Turns 35
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SMS is dedicated to helping agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.

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