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Looking for a Professional Presence on the Web?

Having an online presence has become a standard expectation among seniors. For an agent, it can be a useful and effective tool to demonstrate your product expertise, generate leads and, in some cases, assist in transacting business with insurance carriers. It also makes you more accessible to potential clients who are trying to learn more about you.

Five things every agent should consider before deciding if a website is right for them:

  • A website is another opportunity for a potential client to reach out to you, and for you to reach out to potential clients.
  • Having a website does not mean it will magically start receiving traffic and delivering leads to you from all over the Internet.
  • Having a website may be a new concept to many insurance agents, but the traditional ways of marketing yourself still apply.
  • Do you plan on promoting your website through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and/or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Agents interested in this line of marketing will be best served by using AgentMethods website platform.
  • A website is not going to sell insurance for you.

Launch a complete agent website using the AgentMethods Platform

Want a professional looking website that you can manage? Then AgentMethods is the way to go!

You have everything you need to launch your website today without hiring an expensive web designer or writing a single line of code. And, best off all you can:

  • Customize your website
  • Integrate with SMS quoting tools and SMS' Lead Advantage agent portal tool
  • Engage and educate your prospects with a library of professionally written content
  • Generate new leads with a search-engine-ready site
  • Go where your prospects are with mobile-ready designs

Need help with the initial site setup? AgentMethods has a special offer: 

  • OPTIONAL site setup for Senior Market Sales agents: one-time setup fee…. $99
Only $49 a month! Request a follow up!

To jump start your online insurance business, contact:

Agent Methods
Mention SMS to get your first month free!

AgentMethods also offers a one-page website for $99 per year that integrates with the SMS Lead Advantage agent portal tool. This is a great way to begin to establish your online presence. 

Call AgentMethods to get started with this one-page website.