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Social Security Timing® Advisor Marketing Guide

The average couple stands to leave $200,000 on the table if they make the wrong Social Security election decision.

A flood of Baby Boomers are now retiring and making this decision.

57% of them expect Social Security advice from their financial planner.

Will they look to you or another Advisor?

The Social Security Timing® Marketing Guide gives you everything you need to start attracting prospects and getting referrals using Social Security planning.

Senior Market Sales has taken our years of Social Security expertise and poured it into a 60-page marketing guide exclusively for Social Security Timing® subscribers.

FINRA-Reviewed Seminar
Direct Mail pieces
Coaching Videos
Client presentation DVD
Client Brochure
Guide to Getting Started with Social Security Planning
Educational Seminar Program
COI Seminar Program
Direct Mail Program
Public Employee Program

Social Security Timing® Advisor Marketing Guide

Download a Free Preview of the Marketing Guide
Or call 1-877-645-4939 to learn more.

Developed and tested by advisors who are actually doing Social Security planning. Other organizations may talk about Social Security planning or getting leads with Social Security seminars, but we have actually gone out and done it. We've made the mistakes and become the Social Security experts so you don't have to.

Feedback from Actual Users:

"Thanks to you another million-dollar client. This (Social Security Timing) has exposed me to more $500,000 to $2M clients than anything."

"SST really differentiates us from our competitors. It sets us apart as the experts and helps us gain a lot more relationships."

"Before Social Security Timing came along, I simply avoided the topic (Social Security) because I had no real answers to give. Now I'm talking more and more about Social Security."

"With Social Security Timing, I'm seeing people interested in retirement planning, not just another "portfolio review."

"Good stuff for a difficult and confusing topic that everyone has an opinion on — and it's normally wrong!"

"We have done several Social Security seminars which are extremely well received."

"Last 4 clients were from Social Security seminar or direct mail."

"Clients tell us that they were never told this information before by any of their other advisors or tax professionals."

"Because of Social Security marketing, we've closed several clients we would have never closed."

Download a Free Preview of the Marketing Guide

Or call 1-877-645-4939 to learn more.

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