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3 Tools for Retirement Income Planning

For years, the financial planning industry was focused on one primary goal: building wealth for our clients. The baby boomers were in their prime earning years, retirement was a distant speck on the horizon and they were focused on building a nest egg.

Now the baby boomers, all 76 million of them, are all poised to reach retirement age in the next 20 years, and that distant speck on the horizon is now a mountain that looks insurmountable. Accumulation is no longer their highest priority. They need someone to show them how to take the nest eggs they've accumulated and turn them into a safe, efficient, permanent income stream.

Senior Market Sales has the tools to help you become a trusted advisor to your clients by putting a comprehensive solution in place to protect what they have, generate a stable income stream and keep pace with inflation.

1. Social Security Timing™ - Patent-pending software that allows you answer the question everyone asks at one point or another: "When should I elect Social Security?"

2. Income Advantage CalculatorThe Annexus Income Calculator consists of three parts: The agent calculator which allows you to create illustrations showing how much guaranteed income you clients will need in retirement and how much their annuity will buy them, a personalized microsite with an intuitive calculator that your clients can use themselves, and an app version of the tool which is available for the iPad.

3. Sequent Income Model Asset allocation system that produces retirement income with safety and flexibility.


Samuel W Best

knowledge builds trust//need more info

August 30, 2010, 8:32 PM

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