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Medicare Solutions - Did You Know

September 30, 2011
Part 1: Enrollment Period Terminology

Hopefully, you already knew that the Affordable Care Act that was passed last year resulted in some pretty significant changes to the Medicare Advantage and Part D election periods. We put together the following as just a helpful reminder of what you can and can’t do during each election period. We hope you find it useful.

Part 2: Medicare Advantage and Med Supp Head-to-Head

Should Medicare Advantage plans be considered competition for the traditional Medicare Supplement producer or an opportunity? At Senior Market Sales, we view Medicare Advantage as an alternative to Medicare Supplement and an opportunity.

Part 3: Something for Nothing?

You may have wondered how a Medicare Advantage insurer can charge $0 premium for a plan and make money. Intuitively, something for nothing creates doubt in the mind of an agent and consumer.

Part 4: My client wants her old Medicare Supplement back. Now what do I do?

You have a client who enrolled for the first time in a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage and after a few months, she calls you and wants to switch back to Original Medicare and her Medicare Supplement. “No Problem,” you say, since you know she is entitled to make a change within the first 12 months. You make a call to the Medicare Advantage carrier and you run into a roadblock. You hear “She must wait until the next open enrollment period.” Now what do you do?

Part 5: Medicare Advantage . . .It's not going away

Just a few years ago, the Medicare Advantage market was limited to only a few carriers in limited geographical areas, mostly metropolitan areas. Now, MA plans are available in nearly every U.S. county. Why the change?

Part 6: Group Medicare Advantage Saves Employers 30-40% on Retiree Health Costs

Did you know that more than 10 million seniors have retiree health coverage from their former employer or union? That’s roughly 25% of all Medicare-eligible seniors!

Part 8: Help Your Clients Get Discounts on Drugs Not Approved for Part D

They remain available for drugs not approved by CMS for the Prescription Drug Program.

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Part 7: Why Your Clients Really Buy Medicare Advantage

What is the key advantage of MA that you should be talking about with your clients and prospects? Is it ancillary benefits, such as vision, dental or gym memberships? Low or $0 premiums? Maximum out of pocket (MOOP) limits? Part D prescription drug coverage?