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Medicaid Shunned by LTC Facilities

—January 4, 2012

Many long-term care providers have shifted away from depending on government benefits programs or are avoiding programs such as Medicaid. A recent study by the National Center for Health Statistics is reporting that fewer than half of long-term care facilities have any Medicaid patients.

Many consumers believe that, if they find themselves in a long-term care situation, Medicaid will take care of them. With the majority of facilities being private-pay only, they may want to consider the fact that they may not be accepted at their facility of choice if they’re on Medicaid. Since most people can’t afford to private pay on their own, this could be a strong selling point for Long-Term Care insurance.

The survey found that the U.S. has a total of 31,000 residential care facilities with 971,900 beds. Only 43% of the facilities have residents receiving Medicaid LTC benefits. Medium size facilities that have 11 to 25 beds have 49% of patients receiving Medicaid benefits. Facilities with 100 or more beds have 32% of patients receiving Medicaid benefits.

Large facilities were far more likely than medium size facilities to offer services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and transportation to medical or dental appointments. So the larger facilities where more desirable services are offered are the least likely to accept Medicaid. If having their choice of where to receive care is important to a consumer, then they should seriously consider purchasing an LTCi plan.


Larry Dean

With fewer nursing homes accepting Medicaid patients, it will mean family members can no longer simply house their LTC eligible member in a nursing home close to where they live. This means either more inconvience to the well spouse (or family member in charge of the care) or less independence to the individual needing care, as less time will be dedicated to personal visits.

February 13, 2012, 8:59 AM

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