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Travel Insurance Case Study: Primary Coverage Eliminates Claim Payment Delays

—February 15, 2012

The following article was written by LiAna Gonzales for azfamily.com and posted February 3rd, 2012 . This article highlights the benefit of purchasing a travel protection plan that offers Primary Medical coverage. The benefit of having primary coverage is that the travel insurance company pays eligible medical claims first, before any other collectible insurance available.

The Primary Medical protection plans recommended by www.TravelInsuranceCenter.com are issued by Travelex Insurance Services. Travel Basic, Travel Select, and Travel Max.

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. -- Candi Hatt and her husband, George, love to travel.

“After we had seen most of the United States we decided it was time for foreign travel,” she tells 3 On Your Side. “We had thought we would go to England and France, but we decided to go to Russia instead.”

So, the couple booked a cruise overseas.

“We were on a river cruise. It was 22 days long, and we were on the eighth day when the accident happened,” Candi says.

The accident Candi is talking about is when her husband fell down on a flight of stairs on the ship and broke his neck.

“I was rather shocked to say the least to see that it was my husband on the stretcher,” Candi recalls.

George was transported to a Russian hospital where they stabilized him. They flew him back to the U.S. several days later where he was hospitalized, but later passed away.

Candi says instead of mourning his death, she is now battling her insurance company to help pay the $25,000 in medical bills racked up from the accident.

“They were trying to decide if it was truly an emergency. I'm going, ‘he broke his neck and died, what part is not an emergency?’" she exclaims.
Candi remembered she had also bought travel insurance from a separate company to cover tragedies like this.

That company is willing to pay but only after the insurance carrier decides what it was going cover, if anything.

Candi says she keeps calling for a decision, but you'll never believe what the insurance company wants:

“They kept saying they needed to talk to George!”

The company insists on speaking to George, who no longer is around.

“To have to try to explain to people that just aren't listening, or try to deal with it and not know where to go or who to ask anymore. Sometimes I just don't want to get out of bed,” says Candi.

3 On Your Side contacted the insurance company. They said they couldn't discuss the matter with us.

Candi says after 3 On Your Side's involvement, the company finally stopped dragging their feet and reimbursed her for nearly all of her husband's $25,000 in medical bills.

Candi says that's all she ever wanted.

Now, she says she can concentrate on moving forward.

“It will give me peace because then I can concentrate on healing and moving on,” the widow says.

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