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Be prepared for the MADP with SMS-Endorsed Med Supp Plans and Rates

Med Supp Opportunities during MADP: Rate Sheets Available!

If you have clients or prospects who are taking advantage of the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP) to make changes, this is a great time for you to talk to them about Medicare Supplement and Part D to help cover their costs. But what carriers and what plans should you be talking about? SMS Associate Director of Medicare Supplement Roger Marvel breaks down the Plan F, G, N and High Deductible F plans by carrier and state.

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Medicare Supplement

COMING SOON! Cigna Medicare Supplement
Watch your email for more information.

Ask Roger: Med Supp options & "Yellow Notices"
This week's question deals with Med Supp options during Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period and what to do if a client receives a "Yellow Notice." Got a Medicare question? E-mail it to AskRoger@SeniorMarketSales.com.

Make Magic Happen with Manhattan Life
Senior Market Sales is proud to announce a new opportunity for Medicare Supplement agents with Manhattan Life Insurance Company. This carrier is now approved for sale in AL, AZ, IN, MO and OH.

Select Producers Get 50% Off Direct Mail through SMS
Through our Co-op Direct Mail Program, SMS agents who write 10 or more Medicare Supplement and/or Medicare Advantage applications in a calendar month will qualify for a 50% co-op on their direct mail order the following calendar month. Click here for more information.

SMS Medicare Supplement Department: 1-877-888-9996

Medicare Advantage & Part D

Special Needs Plans Worth Considering
Have you considered selling UnitedHealthcare's Special Needs Plans? Qualifying Medicare beneficiaries can enroll year-round so you're not limiting your sales to the Annual Election Period. Read more about SNPs.

Sell Year-round with Humana Gold Plus in Wisconsin
Humana Gold Plus is only one of a few Medicare Advantage plans rated 5-stars in Wisconsin. Your clients have the ability to switch to this plan year-round using a one-time Special Election Period (SEP). Request a contract today!

Coventry's Benefits Checkup Tool
To help clients find and qualify for extra assistance, check out the Benefits Checkup tool that Coventry has made available through its partnership with the National Council on Aging: www.Benefitscheckup.org/Coventry.

SMS Medicare Advantage Department: 1-877-645-0147


COMING SOON! New Annuity and Life Carrier
Senior Market Sales is pleased to announce the addition of National Western Life Insurance Co.'s Annuity and Life products to the lineup. Watch your email for more information about this exciting partnership or call 1-877-645-4939.

Getting Started with Social Security Planning
With 76-million Baby Boomers electing Social Security in the coming years, they will all have the same decision to make: elect now or later? As an advisor, you're in an ideal position to help your clients with this decision. Find out how to get started in this booming market.

Social Security Timing® Marketing Guide
This 60-page guide includes six marketing programs that we've personally tested in the field with real advisors and real clients. Click here to download a preview of the guide. Call 1-877-645-4939 to request your copy.

SMS Annuity Department: 1-877-645-4939

Long-Term Care

Increase Earnings with John Hancock's Benefit Builder Bonus
Want to start 2013 off right? John Hancock Long-Term Care is going to help with that. Agents who sell John Hancock's new and innovative Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013, can increase their earnings as part of the Benefit Builder Bonus program.

LTCi Options Series Part 1: Traditional LTCi
This blog series will explore the different options available to your clients, including traditional LTCi, linked-benefit products, short-term care and stand-alone home health care. Each blog will lay out details about each option so you are armed with the knowledge of when to use which one.

SMS LTC Department: 1-888-456-8884 Opt 4

Life Insurance

Senior Market Sales Final Expense Portfolio
Due to recent product additions, our Final Expense Portfolio now covers all of your Final Expense needs. Watch this Brainshark presentation to get a breakdown of all of our Final Expense products.

Insuring What You Love
Why do you buy insurance? Many say it's for the ones you care about. The Life Foundation has started a campaign called "Insure Your Love". It offers many interactive activities for your clients and a host of information for you, as agents, to spread the word.

SMS Life Department: 1-877-888-0166

Travel Insurance

Insuring a Super Bowl Trip
Just out of curiosity I got online to research Super Bowl 47 tickets to see how much they were going for. The first website I came to I was staring at $2,035 each for Terrace Level Endzone/Corner and up to $6,915 each for Plaza Level 30 to 50 Yard Line. Find out more about how you can help people insure their Super Bowl Trip here.

For information on how to become an SMS Travel Insurance affiliate and add Travel Insurance to your product portfolio please visit www.TravelHealthAgent.com.

SMS Travel Department: 1-866-979-6753

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