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Final Expense Webinar Series

20 Best Sales Ideas for Life Insurance Agents

—May 18, 2010

The 20 BEST Sales Ideas for Life Insurance Agents

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From Buy-Sell Agreements to Wealth Transfer, we’ve compiled 20 of the best ideas, solutions, tricks and case studies to help you sell more life insurance. Enjoy.

(New to life insurance and looking for a more basic introduction? Senior Market Sales has a comprehensive Life Insurance 101 self-study course that covers all the basics. Call Pat Sheridan at 1-800-786-5566 ext. 3627 to learn more.)

1. Pension Maximization Using Universal Life Insurance
2. Keys to an Effective Policy Review
3. Buy-Sell Agreements: Sales Opportunities for Any Market
4. The Single-Premium Life Wealth Transfer Cross-Sell
5. An Alternative to Roth Conversions
6. 3 Questions to Consider when Selling a Guaranteed Death Benefit Plan
7. How to Accurately Illustrate Policy Loans or Withdrawals
8. The One-Question Cross-Sell
9. Retirement Supplement on a Limited Budget
10. Case Study: Solving Multiple Needs with Indexed Universal Life
11. Selling Life Insurance in Tough Economic Times
12. Discover the Benefits of the Waiver of Surrender Charge Option
13. Policy Rescue Using 1035 Exchanges
14. 3 Scenarios Showing Juvenile Life Insurance Sales
15. Help Baby Boomers Plan for Retirement with Index Universal Life
16. Control When They Need it Most: Chronic Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider
17. Annuity Maximization Strategies
18. Retirement Supplement Cases: Don't Sell the Death Benefit Short
19. Preventing Policy Lapses in IULs
20. How to Get the Most from Your Illustrations

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