12 Reasons To Sell Mutual of Omaha

  • Originally published January 15, 2018 , last updated January 14, 2019
  • Mutual of Omaha
12 Reasons To Sell Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is the reliable and valued name your clients can trust.

Are you taking advantage of all of the great plans, rates, incentives and programs this A+ carrier offers? Here are just 12 of the reasons why it’s good to sell Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement.

Plan G Rates

Competitive Plan G rates in most zip codes


Plan N and High Deductible F

Plans available to meet consumer needs


12% HHD

Generous 12% household discount in most states for qualified applicants


Stable Rates

Stable rates with a 12-month rate guarantee


Vision and Hearing Discounts

EyeMed vision and Amplifon hearing health discounts


Dental Policies

Competitively priced dental options


Hospital Choice Savings

Hospital Choice Savings program available in most states



No Policy Fee


No Interest on Advancing 


Bonus Programs

Broker Bonus Program and Marketing Credits. Put more money in your pocket.


Fabulous Incentive Trip

Opportunity to earn a fabulous incentive trip



Be like Bill and use e-App for in-good-order applications


You can continue learning by visiting the training and education calendar for webinars, and other helpful resources.


If you’re not already contracted with Mutual of Omaha, don’t wait any longer to start working with a Medicare Supplement leader.

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