With the Level Up Co-op Marketing Program, you can earn marketing co-op funds with as few as five qualifying Medicare Supplement and/or Medicare Advantage apps issued in a calendar month.

The funds can be used to reimburse up to 50% of your marketing expenses the month after you qualify. 

Level 1 earns you $125 toward either a 500+ piece mailer or leads from the SMS Lead Store (money can be used for only one option or the other; it cannot be split between the two options).

Ready to Level Up? For Levels 2 and above, SMS will match 50% of your marketing expenses in the following month, up to a maximum of $4,000 per month. You can use the vendor of your choice, as long as it’s compliant, and you can use the co-op funds toward any approved marketing activity.


Number of Qualified Issued and Paid Apps in a Calendar Month

Reimbursement Funds

Level 1

5 to 9

$125 toward a 500+ piece mailer from an SMS-preferred mailing vendor (you are responsible for the remaining costs) or $125 toward leads from the SMS Lead Store (you must make an equal payment)

Level 2

10 to 19

Up to, but not exceeding, $1,000

Level 3

20 to 29

Up to, but not exceeding, $2,000

Level 4

30 to 39

Up to, but not exceeding, $3,000

Level 5

40 to 49

Up to, but not exceeding, $4,000

See program guidelines for full details and exclusions. High-deductible Plan F and guaranteed issue plans, as well as plan changes, do not qualify for this program. You must be direct to SMS at the producer level to qualify. You must take advantage of the co-op the month following the month of qualification.

Download Program Guidelines and Reimbursement Request Form

Questions? Call a marketing consultant at 1-888-747-3810.