Walmart Retail Program

Walmart Retail Program

Senior Market Sales will be participating in the Walmart retail program in 2019. This program allows SMS agents the opportunity to reserve a store during AEP season. SMS Agents will be located in a primary space in a Walmart store to answer questions and enroll customers in specific healthcare plans.

When you participate in the Walmart Retail Program you have the opportunity to meet potential clients in a high-traffic area while representing the carriers of your choice.


Find Your Store and Register Here

Round 1 & 2 -  Apr. 10 to Jun. 17 (closes at noon)

Round 3 – Jun. 24 to Jun. 26 (closes at noon)

Payment will be required to reserve a store(s) during each round. Please note your payment secures your request for the store. The SMS Program Administrator will update the status of the request at the end of each round. You will only receive a refund if SMS was unable to secure the store you selected. Refunds will not be issued if you do not to fulfill program requirements. 

*Agents who meet production requirements will be eligible for reimbursement through SMS.