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Training to help you address Social Security, Medicare and extended care issues reshaping your clients’ retirement

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You don’t have to know everything about Social Security, Medicare and extended care to help your clients. Learn what today’s client wants and what free support services make it simple to meet those expectations.

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The New Foundation of Retirement shares exclusive research and insight on the new pressures that today’s clients face in retirement and shows financial planning professionals how to easily and affordably help their clients deal with these pressures. As Senior Market Sales shared the message with hundreds of financial planning professionals in 10 cities across seven states in early 2016, the response was clear — client demand for help in these areas is only climbing, and everyone from financial advisors to insurance agents is eager to have the convenience of SMS’ all-in-one-place support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The New Foundation of Retirement?

The New Foundation of Retirement is training for financial advisors and insurance agents on how Medicare, Social Security and extended care are becoming increasingly important in retirement planning. It teaches financial planning professionals how to incorporate these three issues into their practices so they can meet this new client expectation, as well as stand out from advisors who fail to address these topics.

Who produces The New Foundation of Retirement?

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) and OneAmerica® are co-sponsoring The New Foundation of Retirement.

Who should attend?

The event is for financial advisors and insurance agents who want to:

  • meet and exceed their clients’ expectations

  • ensure that their clients are prepared for health care costs, including extended-care expenses, in retirement

  • help clients maximize their Social Security benefit

  • provide clients with a more efficient retirement income plan

  • grow their business, better serve existing clients, and attract prospects

What will I learn?

The New Foundation of Retirement will cover three areas that you need to be able to address with your clients: health care, which includes Medicare; Social Security; and extended care.

  1. Health care/Medicare issues
    • You’ll learn why clients need to review their Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans every year to manage their out-of-pocket health care costs and prevent a health care issue or a bad enrollment choice from wiping out their finances.

    • You’ll also learn about Medicare BackOffice®, a free support service that allows you to basically refer clients to Medicare insurance experts who can answer their questions; help them find and enroll in Med Supp, MA and MA-PD plans; and review their plans annually for potential savings.

  2. Social Security
    • You’ll learn how the decision on when to claim Social Security benefits is one of the most important your clients will make in retirement.

    • The session will also explain how the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015’s elimination of one claiming strategy actually creates demand for Social Security advice for the next eight years.

    • You’ll learn about Total Social Security, a free program that provides easy-to-use software that identifies ways for clients to make the best claiming decisions. The program also provides training so you learn what you need to know about Social Security to help clients more; and marketing materials, so you can attract prospects seeking Social Security planning advice, which is surging right now because of the budget act’s phase-out of some strategies.

    • Learn how to transition the Social Security conversation to integrate guaranteed income solutions and provide a more efficient retirement income plan.

  3. Extended care
    • You’ll learn how to conduct an “LTC planning” discussion with your clients.

    • The session also illustrates the consequences of an extended-care event to family and finances.

    • You’ll also see why hybrid LTC has risen in popularity:
      • Benefits no matter what the future holds: LTC benefits or death benefits

      • Guaranteed premiums — never go up

      • Convert IRAs to tax-free LTC benefit programs

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What is a strategy session?

A strategy session is a free, customized consultation in which an SMS marketing team member will help you identify opportunities to help clients with their Social Security, Medicare and long-term care — to better serve them and also grow your business. The New Foundation of Retirement attendees could receive a free strategy session, but because of their popularity, SMS is extending the offer. An SMS marketing team member will call you, learn about your business and work with you to identify opportunities and solve problems. This direct access to SMS’ more than three decades of experience in the senior market results in a marketing plan that you can immediately put into action. Sign up for a strategy session.

Medicare BackOffice<sup>®</sup>

Medicare BackOffice is a support service for broker-dealers, independent financial advisors, insurance agents and other professionals, who want to help their clients find the right Medicare health insurance plan. Simply refer clients to Medicare BackOffice’s team of dedicated insurance agents, who are licensed, contracted and certified in all 50 states to provide Medicare advice and products. By making clients’ search for Medicare answers easier and stress-free, you strengthen your relationships with clients.

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Total Social Security

Total Social Security helps financial and insurance professionals identify their clients’ best Social Security claiming strategies and guides advisors on how to incorporate Social Security into overall retirement plans that address retirees’ fear of running out of money. Sign up to get access to award-winning patented software, training, live support and marketing materials.

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