Combine the benefits today's customers want with an innovative structure that gains value by providing more coverage over time. Cigna’s Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing is different from other policies of its kind.

Customers can visit the provider of their choice, or take advantage of lower rates and discounts by choosing from a national dental network of over 85,000 participating providers.

Featured Product: Cigna Flexible Choice Dental, Vision & Hearing

Value and benefits that grow over time.

  • First year coverage starts at 60% and by year four is 90%.*
  • Disappearing deductible option that reduces the deductible to $0 in the fourth year.
  • Together, the increasing benefits and disappearing deductible option mean your customers could have a $0 deductible and only a 10% co-pay after the third year.*
  • Coverage that is instant, flexible and predictable.
  • No waiting period for dental if customer is replacing dental coverage.
  • Optional 100% preventive care coverage.
  • Maximum coverage up to $5,000.
  • Guaranteed renewable for life.**

Competitive commissions, sales support and incentives.

  • Heaped or level commission options.
  • Clean cases issued in three to five business days.

*Dental major restorative benefits are maxed at 60% in years 2+ with 60% for all years if waiting period is waived. Hearing benefits are 0% in year one and increase to 70%, 80% and to 90% in successive years.
**The policy cannot be terminated for any reason other than nonpayment of premium or material misrepresentation in the application for insurance.