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Medicare Advantage and Part D Quote
We have teamed up with the developer of the medicare.gov web site in order to provide estimated drug and medical costs on the quotes for Medicare Advantage, MAPD and Part D plans. Use this form to add drugs to the medicine cabinet of your client and indicate the general health of your client. Using this information, the quote result will provide an estimate for the drug and medical costs for the client under the given plan. You can proceed without entering drug information, in which case the annual out-of-pocket drug cost displayed will be $0.00.
Medicine Cabinet
This is the current list of drugs to use in the quote. Click X to delete. Add additional drugs below.
You have the maximum number of drugs: 25.
Add a Drug (Maximum 25 drugs)
Type in the name of the drug. Possible choices will appear in a drop down box. Click on the icon to search for dosages.
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5-digit Zip Code
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Requested Effective Date
When should the policy become effective? (determines plan year to be quoted) Learn More
General Health
Based on the general health of your client, the quote will provide an estimate for medical costs with the appropriate plans.
What's This?
Product Types
Which types of products should be quoted?
Your Pharmacy
Enter your pharmacy here to compare costs between your pharmacy and a plan's preferred pharmacy, if applicable
Add a Pharmacy
Remove Pharmacy
Preferred Healthcare Providers
Enter your Healthcare Provider(s) to determine in-network status by plan
Add a Provider
Healthcare Providers
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