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Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Use this quick and handy life insurance needs calculator to estimate the life insurance you should have to protect your family in case something unexpected should happens to you.
Please enter numbers only. Do not use commas, periods or dollar signs.

1. Determining Income Needs
What is your current salary (annual income)?
What is your spouse's current salary (annual income)?
Check here if you would like to replace spouse's income with insurance proceeds.
What other income do you receive?
Investment, rental property, Social security benefits, etc.
How much of your current income would your family need if you died today?
How many years of income should the insurance replace?
2. Determining Expenses
What will your final expenses be?
Burial, probate, medical expenses, etc.
What is your outstanding debt? (if you want your insurance to pay them off)
Include all real estate mortgages, automobiles and boat loans, as well as unpaid credit cards.
How much will college cost? (include full 4 yrs of tuition)
Child 1 Age
College Cost
Child 2 Age
College Cost
Child 3 Age
College Cost
3. Determining Assets
How much savings do you have?
Include bank accounts, mutual funds, stock portfolio, etc.
How much do you have in retirement accounts?
IRA's, 401(k) plans, Keoghs, pension and profit sharing plans
How much life insurance do you have?
Independent, through work and other associations and memberships
4. Specify Rates of Return
Play around with these to see how the economy and investment strategy may effect your needs.
What is the rate of return on your investments?
What is the predicted rate of inflation


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