For nearly two decades, Nationwide has been providing clients with industry leading long-term care (LTC) solutions. And we remain committed to finding innovative ways to meet both their future care needs and budgets, with products such as Nationwide CareMatters®.


Featured Product: Nationwide CareMattersĀ®

Senior Market Sales® is excited to introduce Nationwide CareMatters®, a new offering of flexible long-term care benefits.

Unlike reimbursement LTC products that carry restrictions on certain expenses, CareMatters helps clients receive the care they want and need at claim time. Key features include:

  • 100% guaranteed monthly cash benefit*
  • No restrictions, including the option to pay for informal care from family and friends
  • No monthly bills or receipts to submit

Visit Nationwide's CareMatters website for a quick quote, to watch videos or view sales resources.

*Once eligibiity requirements are met.