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Financial Solutions Technology for Elite Advisors

Turn to the industry’s technology leader for financial analysis tools that boost efficiency, showcase your undeniable value and grow your business.

Experience the Exceptional Value

Uncover Hidden Planning Opportunities

Differentiate yourself by utilizing advanced tools to see risks and opportunities that your competition can’t. 

Retain Clients for Their Entire Retirement Journey

Easily produce charts and reports showing how you’ll help clients long term, so they stick with you and refer friends.

Fuel Sales

Position yourself to discuss numerous retirement topics and make data-driven recommendations, not sales pitches. 

Financial Advisor Using Nextek's Color of Money Risk Analysis Tool
SMS Financial Solutions

The SMS Financial Solutions Technology Suite

If your technology isn’t cutting-edge, you’re playing catch-up. At the forefront of technology since its founding more than four decades ago, Senior Market Sales® (SMS) offers a Financial Solutions technology suite with proven results. 

Powered by Nextek

Nextek Clients

Take the Client Lifecycle from Start to Finish

SMS’ focus is on creating a streamlined, integrated process that enables financial services professional to operate with confidence and competence. The Nextek sales acceleration platform is the solution that seamlessly combines process and technology.

The Nextek Platform Includes:

Nextek - Color of Money Risk Analysis
Color of Money Risk Analysis

The first step to determining if your clients' investments assets are properly aligned with their risk tolerance

Nextek - Generational Vault
Generational Vault

Provide your clients with an integrated portal that simplifies viewing of accounts and financial status details and also enables secure sharing of documents and information

Nextek - Virtual Advisor
Virtual Advisor

Manage your customer relationships with a total-business-management CRM that integrates with Campaign Builder

Nextek - Campaign Builder
Campaign Builder

Integrates with the Virtual Advisor to support consistent communication with your existing clients and new leads

Nextek - Case Central
Case Central

Your hub for financial planning, Social Security planning, data entry, client updates, case analysis and client-centric reporting

Luma Annuity Marketplace


Luma is the world's top platform for comparing, configuring and tracking annuity solutions. Compare rates, riders and product features to make the most informed recommendations with the clients' best interests in mind.

The Luma Platform includes:
  • Product Marketplace includes access to comprehensive product data such as rates and riders enabling easy comparisons (VAs, FIAs, RILAs, SPIAs and more)
  • Electronic order-entry integration with FireLight
Product Configuration:
  • Optimize allocations in pursuit of better outcomes with Efficient Frontier
    • Side by side comparison for new sales and replacement


All-in-One-Place Annuity e-Apps Make Your Life Easier

With FireLight, you not only avoid the hassles and cost of doing business with paper applications, it also shows real-time app status and supports multiple E-signature methods. Streamline the annuity electronic application process to help avoid errors and save time.

Vive Platform on Many Devices


Vive is the ridiculously fast way to write term life insurance.
  • Quote, compare and submit an order in just 5 minutes.
  • Get Accelerated Underwriting decisions in days instead of weeks.
  • The Vive Score creates a weighted score to rate the overall consumer experience above and beyond price.
  • Share quote links by text or email.
  • Real-time case status at your fingertips.
Using iPipeline
Lead Advantage Pro

Lead Advantage Pro Powered By iPipeline

With the Lead Advantage Pro integration with iPipeline, you can run life insurance quotes, create powerful illustrations and submit life apps with the most widely used e-App in the industry (iGo).

Financial Education Workshops That Attract Leads

Pair SMS Financial Advisor Tools With Workshops for Even Better Results

Watch your lead-to-client conversion ratios soar. Get everything you need to conduct educational workshops that attract prospects and book appointments. Then let SMS technology crunch client data and produce easy-to-understand reports and plans, converting appointments to clients. These are just some of SMS’ powerful proprietary marketing resources. 

Get the Tools That Transform Your Business

Let us know if you want to learn more about SMS technology or you’re ready to dive in.