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Tools for Virtual Workshops


Why should I use these tools and where do they fit into my practice?

Workshops and seminars are the life of your business. They bring in new clients and they help you connect with those interested in learning more. With this list of virtual tools, you’ll be able to conduct workshops virtually through a webinar platform. A webinar is designed to be promoted, and allows for participant signed-up. With most of these tools, you’ll be able to conduct workshops on a regular basis and also promote them via social media, website, community website calendar and more.

With most of these tools, you’ll be able to customize your event to fit your brand with personalized slides, and share your own face while presenting. Treat these webinars like you would a real-life workshop.

Below, we offer you a list of tools and corresponding resources. Take your workshops virtually starting today.


Tool Features List

  Zoom Events & Webinar GoToWebinar Standard Google Workspace Individual


Easy and affordable. Zoom is one of the more accessible platforms out there, both in terms of cost and ease of use. This includes the Zoom Meeting features. One of the original virtual webinar platforms, it has all the features you need at a low cost of entry, it also includes the GoToMeeting feature. Google Workspace Individual makes it easy to connect and engage with people wherever they are, so you can spend less time on everyday tasks and more time with customers.


Up to 500 participants * Up to 500 participants Up to 100 participants

Meeting License Included

Mobile Apps X X X

Automated Emails

X X  

Custom Registration Pages

X X  


X X  


X X  
Easy Access from Attendees X X X
Cost * $99 monthly or $890 annually * $129 monthly or $1,188 annually $7.99 monthly

*Updated as of March, 2022


How do I get registered or buy the tools?

Zoom Webinar         GoToWebinar         Google Workspace


Video tutorials of each tool

Zoom Webinar

How to host a Zoom webinar


GoToWebinar Video Tutorial Website

Google Workplace


Support, FAQs, and More

Zoom Webinar


Google Workspace

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