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The Retirement Planning Mind Shift: New Thinking for Growth in a New Era

The Retirement Planning Mind Shift from Senior Market Sales

Retirement planning is at an inflection point.

Regulations, shifting demographics and the latest retirement trends are piling on top of longstanding problems in the American retirement system to push the insurance and financial planning industries into a new era — one that requires rethinking retirement planning.

Your decisions on how to move forward will determine your clients’ success level and your business’ ability to grow in the future.

To understand the potential impact on your business and the opportunities ahead, download “The Retirement Planning Mind Shift: New Thinking for Growth in a New Era.” This white paper provides exclusive insight on how insurance agents, registered representatives, financial advisors and others in the retirement space can transform the system’s failures into successes for both clients and their own businesses.

Yesterday’s Thinking Won’t Solve Today’s Problems

Get the white paper to:

Uncover areas of intersecting opportunities — those sweet spots where you can grow your business while also improving clients’ retirement outcomes

Seize today's "Peak 65" baby boomer opportunity while also attracting next-generation clients

Identify which retirement planning paradigms, practices and roles to adjust or add 

Surprising Insight To Change How You Do Business

You'll learn about:

Demographic changes: your future clients

  • The immediate “Peak 65” opportunity
  • The “Great Wealth Transfer”
  • Generation X and millennial customer preferences
  • The growing power of women with wealth

Financial literacy: where clients need help most

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Long-term care
  • Health care expenses
  • Savings
  • Longevity estimates

Emerging markets: where to look next for clients

  • Employer groups
  • Generational/estate planning
  • Unions              

Customer behavior: where they’re spending (and not spending)

  • The “spend-down paradox”
  • The “annuity puzzle”
  • “Forced poverty” to qualify for Medicaid instead of LTC insurance

Evolving business models, roles and support

  • Holistic planning
  • Retirement navigators or “financial quarterbacks”
  • Financial educators
  • Referral agencies
  • Retirement coaches
  • Integrated retirement plan strategy support

Bridging the Gaps in the Fragmented Retirement System

To weather the industry headwinds, every retirement planning professional — whether you’re an insurance-only or investment-focused advisor — can customize a business model for long-term sustainability. The white paper asserts that the most successful business models of the future will provide holistic in-house services or partnerships among professionals to serve all of a client’s health and wealth needs. In an increasingly commoditized space, new technology that helps professionals work faster, see more clients, solve complicated problems and provide a better customer experience will be critical to meet client demands and keep the business profitable. 

Get the white paper to learn:

  • How to identify strategic partners
  • Which services and product lines are projected to grow
  • How the impending retirements of agents and advisors present opportunities for you

Planning Model of the Future

Advisor Serving as a Retirement Navigator

7 Paths to Growth in the New Retirement Era

Based off SMS’ experience of more than 40 years and the research in “The Retirement Planning Mind Shift: New Thinking for Growth in a New Era” white paper, this companion guide provides options for moving forward, whether you choose one or all of these paths for growth. Get seven practical, actionable steps that can help accelerate growth and make the greatest impact on client lives.

A White Paper From Industry Innovators, for Industry Innovators

Are you wanting to grow your business, do more for your clients and be part of the solutions that advance retirement planning? 

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) created this white paper for dedicated, growth-minded agents like you. Known for leading agents and advisors through the industry’s most disruptive changes for more than four decades, SMS applied its expertise to dozens of research studies, surveys, government data, and media reports to help you navigate through the latest disruption.  

SMS is a trusted source of industry insight, foresight and solutions, having helped thousands of independent insurance and financial planning professionals succeed by providing first-to-market technologies, marketing systems, top-rated products, savvy business development and unparalleled support. To learn more call 1.800.786.5566 to speak with an SMS marketing consultant.

Retirement Planning Mind Shift - Download Your Copy

The most successful insurance agents and financial planning professionals of the future are those who reimagine retirement planning and who partner strategically with the industry innovators leading the way.

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