Be Like Bill: Use e-App for your Applications

  • Originally published January 8, 2019 , last updated October 6, 2021
  • e-App

Tired of long and complicated forms when writing your annuity, life insurance or long-term care business? Want to easily capture client signatures? Want your business to run more smoothly and so you get paid sooner? There's a solution — use e-App for your applications. Bill does, and his business is better. Watch this new video and see just how much happier e-App makes his life.



This is Bill. He’s a busy advisor, helping clients with their retirement needs -- including annuities, life insurance, and long-term care coverage. 

He loves his job. But, the hassles of paper applications used to get him down.

Finding up-to-date forms was tedious, and completing long forms by hand sometimes caused errors. Approvals took too long, and it seems like everything was in the way of placing his business.

But Bill found a better way. Now he uses e-App for his applications.

  • With e-App, Bill always has the most current forms.
  • Using e-App lets Bill submit business anytime and anywhere
  • e-App helps eliminate errors and omissions and reduces processing time.
  • An e-App is easier than managing dozens of pages of a paper application.
  • With e-App, it’s quick and simple for Bill to capture client signatures.
  • e-App allows Bill to write business with multiple carriers.

Now that he uses e-App, Bill makes fewer errors, his clients get approved faster and Bill gets paid sooner.  Bill’s business is so much smoother, he’s never going back to paper applications.

Be like Bill. Use e-App for your applications.