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Total Client Engagement with Marci Fried (2017)

Learn about the Total Client Engagement process.  Watch this short video and get access to the full legth video.

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The SMS 360 Process (2017)

SMS has many things to offer you through the SMS 360 process. Find out more today by watching this video.

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Financial Planning in a Post-DOL Environment (2017)

Join Mike and Joe as they discuss the DOL and Sequent Planning, where you will learnabout changes happening in the industry and the drivers of these changes.

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SMS and Technology: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future (2017)

We know agents face many challenges in today's market. Our software and tools are designed to help you manage and simplify your practice, save time, eliminate mistakes and make your business stand out among the crowd.

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8 Steps to a Successful Workshop (2017)

There is no question seminar marketing is effective, but there is a fine line between holding a successful event and throwing precious time and money away. 

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Insights to Learn, Connect, Grow (2017)

Jim Summers, President of Senior Market Sales, provides his insights on an industry that is continually growing and evolving and how it can benefit you and your business.

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3 Practical Uses for Social Media That Get Results (2017)

Social Media isn't just about getting shares and likes.  Watch what Dan Trumblee, Director of Communications & Creative Services at SMS, has to say about how social media and how it can effect your business.

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What You Don't Need to Know About Travel Insurance (2017)

Dan Drennen, Director of Sales and Marketing at Travel Insurance Center, talks about what you need to know about travel insurance and how to still earn commissions. 

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Why Asset Based LTC (2017)

The LTC market has changed dramatically in the past 8-9 years, with one exception. OneAmerica's Asset Care and Annuity Care plans are basically the same as they were when they were first created, which most importantly includes guaranteed rates.

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Sales Forum 2016 Key Note Speaker Duncan McPherson (2016)

Last year's keynote speaker, Duncan McPherson, introduces the Total Client Engagement process, which will help you become better advocates for your clients.

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Teaching The Medicare Basics to Seniors (2016)

Go back to the basics. Mark talks about his experience with teaching seniors the basics of medicare and he talks about the results he's seen in just doing the basics.


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