Marci Fried
Professional Business Advisor

Marci Fried

Marci Fried is a Professional Business Advisor and Speaker with Pareto Systems. Her background is extensive and covers a wide spectrum including roles as a Financial Advisor, Senior Management at a Fortune 500 Company and building and running a successful small business for nearly a decade.

Marci has deep experience with Pareto Systems. She completed the Pareto Systems Program in 2004. Marci attributes her ability to move from a corporate structure to successful entrepreneur, to adhering to her Pareto coaching and its practical application.

Marci’s industry knowledge, business experience and entrepreneurial spirit make her an excellent consultant for advisors and institutions looking to take their business to the next level. Her personal experience implementing the Pareto System, as well as her extensive business experience, enables her to successfully implement our results-driven process.

Marci’s strong communication skills and ability to understand both basic and complex business scenarios gives her clients the opportunity to quantify what it is they want and how best to achieve breakthrough results. One of her favorite Pareto concepts is this: <i>There are those who want you, and there are those who deserve you, let’s give our very best to those that deserve us.