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Federal Life Insurance Company

Sell Federal Life Insurance Company’s Med Supp

Differentiate your Medicare practice by offering proprietary Medicare Supplement (Med Supp) solutions available through Senior Market Sales® (SMS).  

Offer Federal Life Insurance By Contracting With SMS

Offer Competitive Med Supp Plan Options That Make You Stand Out

Get Medicare prospects to notice you by offering a proprietary Med Supp plan that most agents can’t offer. Federal Life Insurance Company has partnered with SMS to provide you with plan options such as the competitive High Deductible Plan G. Additional plan types are also available including A, N, F and G in most states.  

Key Differentiators

Help Clients Save Money With Early Enrollment Discounts

Clients may be eligible for an early enrollment discount if they are between the ages of 65 and 73 when the policy is issued. 

Let Clients Customize Coverage and Premiums as They Age

Clients can protect out-of-pocket costs and maximize savings with the High Deductible G Plan’s two-year conversion option.

Put Your Clients at Ease

Incorporated since 1899, Federal Life Insurance Company has a history of financial strength and stability.

Help Those Wishing to Partially Self-Insure

Offer a viable solution for those clients carrying health savings accounts into retirement as a way to partially self-insure.

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Don’t Ignore This Proprietary Med Supp Opportunity