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Exclusive Med Supp and Dental From GPM Health and Life

GPM Health and Life offers Medicare Supplement (Med Supp) and dental and vision plan options that are simple to understand and easy to sell. 


Competitive Med Supp, Dental and Vision Plans From Coast-to-Coast

GPM Health and Life’s Med Supp plan offers competitive rates, especially on Plan G and N. Also, its dental and vision option works well as both door-openers and cross-sells. Add these competitive and straightforward solutions to your portfolio for increased sales. 


Medicare Supplement

Sell Med Supp plans with excellent rates, household discounts and an electronic application process.

Senior Dental

Competitive yearly deductible, annual maximum benefit and major services coverage that starts on day one. 


Clients will enjoy no waiting periods or enrollment fees. 

Why Sell GPM Health and Life?

Electronic Application Option

Reduce policy-issue time, eliminate errors and get paid faster.

Competitive Household Discounts

7% household discount availability increases sales opportunity per household.

Dental Network Discounts

Immediate plan discounts mean more satisfied clients who are more likely to refer you to others.

Preventive Dental Services Are 100% Covered on Day 1

Increase client loyalty by promoting good oral health right away.

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