GPM Health & Life

GPM Health & Life sponsors a new dental plan, underwritten by Ameritas Life Insurance Company. This plan offers affordable coverage with free online quotes, coverage for all ages at a single rate, no enrollment fees, and a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Why dental?

  • Adult dental is not covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Medicare
  • One of seniors' most requested products
  • One-third of all insurance plans sold to seniors are dental plans
  • No enrollment fee
  • Web sign-up tool that allows customers to purchase directly from their agent's website
  • Plans with immediate coverage on basic, starting on day one




Featured Product: Dental 2500

  • Two dental exams and cleanings per year
  • Up to $2,500 calendar year Maximum Benefit
  • Ameritas dental network with over 400,000 access points nationwide
  • Dicount fees, typically 30% below average charges in your community
  • Immediate network descounts
  • One of the largest nationwide networks with over 428,000 access points and 111,5000 unique providers.