Why SMS for Annuities?

Competition is fierce. Products are getting more complicated. Compliance is getting more stringent. You need a partner that can help you run your practice in today’s environment. You need a partner that offers real solutions that help you reach more prospects, get more referrals and, ultimately, grow your business.

We take a consultative and team-based approach to helping our advisors find the right solutions for their clients. That means we let the problem dictate the solution.

Who would you rather partner with — the company that pioneered the patent-pending retirement planning tools and processes that now lead the industry, or the companies that are playing catch-up, trying to duplicate our innovations? Anyone can offer software or a seminar mailer, but only SMS has built an entire infrastructure based on developing and testing new income planning tools and processes, as well as training and support for the advisors who use them.

Put simply, we created these programs and tested them in the field, so we know how they work with real clients. That diverse experience is available to you through training and support that shows you how to integrate these programs into your practice.

See how SMS helps advisors like you. See why SMS is the leader in retirement income planning innovation.

Our Annuity Carriers

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Words From Our Agents

"SMS really understands the retirement planning market. They have simplified the way I run my back office and helped me to become more profitable at the same time. SMS is a true partner that has added great value to my practice."

— Jeremy A.