Major Medical Co-op Marketing Program

With Senior Market Sales' major medical co-op marketing program, agents who write 10 or more major medical applications in a calendar month will qualify for a co-op of $500 on their direct mail or other approved marketing efforts during the following calendar month.

Program Requirements

  1. To participate, you must have a login ID and password for 
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  1. Participants qualify by submitting 10 or more major medical plans in one calendar month.
  2. All policies must be issued.
  3. Only business issued under a direct contract with SMS is eligible.
  4. Mailings or other marketing expenditures must be incurred the month after you qualify. For example, if you sold 10 major medical plans in September, you would qualify for 50% off any SMS-approved mailings ordered and paid for in October. We will consider Internet leads, appointment-setting services, warm transfer inbound calls, and other lead generation methods on a case-by-case basis.

Direct Mail Guidelines

  • For direct mail, though the order date must occur the month after you qualify, the actual date of the mailing may occur later. For example, if you sold 10 major medical plans in September, you would have to order the mailing in October to get the discount, but you could wait to send the mailing out until January.
  • If you prefer to use your own direct mail piece, you must submit it to SMS for review and approval.

This new program is just one more example of how Senior Market Sales offers the tools, programs and service that agents need to write more business in the senior market.

If you have any questions about how the program works, how to log in to or how to order mailings, call 1-877-888-9996 to speak to a marketing consultant.