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Senior Market Sales® (SMS) is dedicated to helping agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.


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AEP 2024 Carrier Rollout Recap: What You Need to Know

Senior Market Sales® presents this live webinar designed to give you valuable intel regarding carrier rollouts. 

Live-Transfer Lead Platform Creates Warm Leads and Sales Success

Warmer leads have higher sales potential and Client Stream® Lead Exchange’s final expense, Medicare and dental leads are among the warmest available.

Times Like These: 6 Ways to Calm Client Fears Now

Banks going bust. Rate hikes. Inflation. Social Security insolvency. How do you face clients hurling questions at you with so much uncertainty ahead?

Unlocking the ACA Opportunity with Senior Market Sales and O'Neill Marketing

Join this webinar to learn about the unprecedented opportunity to help them and to grow your business with ACA sales.

Learn How to Make More Insurance Sales, Retain More Clients and Get More Referrals

AgentMethods is conducting a live webinar to show how they can help your business reach its true potential.

Learn the Key to Completing Medicare Enrollments in Any Client Situation

Open this technology door and watch Medicare enrollments pour in. Complimentary technology from Senior Market Sales® makes this possible. Whether...

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Successful Client Workshops

Educational workshops give you the opportunity to connect with prospects, to position yourself as a community thought leader and to grow your...

The MYGAs Touch: A Classic Annuity Finds New Success

This guide explains why the multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) has reemerged as a viable and valuable solution for clients today and how you can be...

6 Tips to Prepare for AEP Success

Are you an agent that offers Medicare solutions to clients? If so, then the upcoming AEP is probably becoming a priority. There are only 24 hours in...

Social Media Guidelines: Best Practices Checklist

Guidelines and checklist for social media best practices.

Timing Is Everything: The Right Social Security Claiming Decision Can Make or Break Your Retirement

With this guide, you can help educate prospects and clients on their Social Security benefit.

Lights, Camera, Share: Creating Videos for Your Business

Start creating videos for your business.

Website Review: Ensure Your Website is Ready for Increased Digital Traffic

Ensure your website is ready for traffic.

Carrier Launch Intrigues Agents Interested in Higher Production

Discover how adding NCD to your dental portfolio can increase sales. NCD is a new dental-carrier option available through Senior Market Sales® (SMS)....

Learn How You Can Benefit From This Powerlifting Lead Platform in 2023

This live webinar will show how the exclusive Client Stream® Lead Exchange platform gets you warm leads, when you want them and at competitive prices.